Since synapsen follows the ShareWare-concept, it may – except for the personal registration – be copied. Synapsen has two various modes, one for unregistered users testing the software and the other for personally registered users who wish to maintain a professional literature management system. The modes can be distinguished by a small difference: The unregistered mode has a limited search function and a limited list of links: only a portion of the theoretically unlimited list of links will be shown. This effect will only limit your work if you have already spent a large amount of time working with synapsen and have gathered so many entries that the amount of hits rises above the limit.

As long as you are not registered, you can work with the program – for an unlimited time – in order to test it completely and let yourself be convinced that it is the perfect tool for your needs. The strengths of synapsen show themselves not only at first glimpse, but also after a number of entries have been gathered and you have learned to appreciate automatic connections between texts.

Should you decide to seriously work with synapsen over a longer period of time, it is recommended that you register it in order to have a personal license. With a successful registration you will receive a small key file by email that contains your personal code and immediatly removes all limits present in the test version.

At the moment synapsen distinguishes between three types of licenses: The standard license, the student license with reduced fee and full features (in order to benefit from the student license you are obliged to send a copy of your valid student id card to, and a license for workgroups, using the network mode of synapsen. The network mode comprises full features of synapsen and furthermore the support of one central database in which all the clients of the workgroup feed their information. The license fees are at:

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! (student id as proof required)

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

License Fees Validity
Standard License 89 US$
valid for one major release (e.g. 4.x)
Student License 59 US$
valid for one major release (e.g. 4.x); proof of student status obligatory
Netzwork License 39 US$ per client
+99 US$ lump sum for server

If you have decided to use synapsen as a literature management system, you must purchase a licence for synapsen by sending a short email with your order and transferring the license fee via the PayPal-account of synapsen. Simply click the middle row in the table above.

An invoice will be issued on demand. In this case, please contact