Updating synapsen

Before each update of synapsen you should backup your literature data! To update synapsen from older versions to the current version, you must first copy the file updateSynapsen4.jar (approx. 320 MB) to your hard disk and then start it.

When saving the file on your system, make sure that the file extension is not changed, e.g. updateSynapsen4.jar is not appended to another extension such as “.zip” or similar. If the program still cannot be started by a (double) click, open a terminal window / command line and simply enter:

java -jar ./updateSynapsen.jar

If the Java program cannot be found, make sure you have the latest version of Java installed.

After a successful start, follow the steps of the update routine. You can also use the program to install synapsen in the English version. Simply select the desired language when starting the installation program.

Attention, important note for users without administration rights: Before you install or update synapses, it is strongly recommended to switch off the User Access Control Panel in Windows (UAC) or to get root rights under macOS or Unix, otherwise the installation routine cannot install correctly. If you do not want to switch off the UAC, make sure that you always execute the installation as well as the synapse program with administration rights!