Startup problem with error message: »Connection to internal server failed«

After updating synapsen an error message “Connection to internal server failed” may occur. The program will abort at startup. The problem is that the internal database cannot be accessed correctly. A number of reasons can be responsible for this.

The most common reason is that the internal database has not been updated by synapsen. You can fix this by executing the file updateSynapsen4.jar.

It is also possible that you do not have sufficient access rights to the working directory of synapsen. This is a problem that often occurs under Windows 7 or Windows Vista, but also on Linux systems. The solution is comparatively easy: Simply set the permissions manually so that you as the user have read and write access to the syndb directory in the synapsen folder. You may also need to turn off Windows UAC.

Under Windows 7/Vista it may also be necessary to right-click the installation file to select “Run as administrator”.